SolarBag® is an award-winning light weight water container that uses proprietary nanomesh to render bacteria, viruses, pesticides, herbicides, petrochemicals, arsenic, lead, mercury and protozoa harmless -- without using chemicals -- through a process called photocatalysis that’s powered by the sun.

Get safe water anywhere in the world 

Each 3-liter SolarBag provides clean water for up to one year of continuous use. The proprietary nanomesh is activated by the sun. Rain water, well water, lake water, and river water can all be cleaned by a process called photocatalysis which renders contaminants harmless when sun activates the SolarBag’s mesh. On sunny days in warm weather, SolarBag will destroy harmful microbes and chemicals in 2-3 hours. In cloudy, cool weather the time required for purification is 4-6 hours. A drop of Pur-Blue food grade dye (included) will break down at the same rate as contaminants to indicate how much time is needed for purification in any location. Sunlight generates a photocatalytic reaction which creates oxidation compounds that degrade organic compounds and microbiological matter without chemicals or disinfection byproduct. Photocatalysis includes five separate photochemical actions: chemicals break down into harmless minerals; metals separate from the water and become sequestered by the mesh insert; the full solar spectrum disinfects pathogens; heavy metals become neutralized by adsorption, photo-oxidation and photo-reduction; and metals such as mercury, lead, and arsenic are reduced in concentration.

SolarBag® is award-winning for innovation, sustainability, and water technology
SolarBag's Awards

SolarBag® has been deployed in 58 countries
Solarbag® ships to 58 countries
No other water purification device reduces as many contaminants, metals, and pathogens
SolarBag removes 100% of contaminants